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Personal Medical History

List all the serious medical conditions you have (eg. diabetes, heart or lung conditions)
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If you have had a serious reaction to a vaccine in the past, which vaccine was it?
List all of your current medications (including oral contraception)
Have you recently suffered from any infection (e.g heavy cold, flu or high temperature)?
Does having an injection cause you to feel faint?
Do you or any close family members have epilepsy?
Do you have any history of mental illness including depression or anxiety?
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Have you taken out travel insurance?
If you have a medical condition, have you told your insurance company about it?
Are you pregnant, planning pregnancy or breast feeding?
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Vaccination History

Have you ever had any of the following vaccinations / tablets and if so, when?

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Diphtheria Typhoid
Hepatitis A Hepatitis B
Meningitis Yellow Fever
Influenza Rabies
Jap B Enceph Tick-borne Diseases
Malaria Tablets Other